Optimize Plant Health With Seaweed

BioXtreme Extreme Liquid Seaweed is a source of naturally occurring macro and micro nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and well  balanced chelated trace elements that are essential for plant health, rooting and establishment. ​​

But what does that mean? ​

For starters, it means that BioXtreme Liquid Seaweed is a natural way for you to help strengthen and grow your plants.​While harsh fertilizers can damage your plants and the environment, BioXtreme Liquid Seaweed works naturally, without negative impacts, by supplying plant-essential compounds extracted from Ascop hyllum nodosum.

Seaweed Species

Ascophyllum nodosum- also known as rockweed, Norwegian kelp, and knotted kelp - is a brown seaweed found exclusively in the cool, arctic oceans of the North Atlantic.​For thousands of years, seaweed has been harvested and used in coastal agricultural systems as an organic fertilizer for many crop varieties because of its high nutrient concentrations.

It isn’t only the high nutrient concentration that makes seaweed beneficial for plant growth. Containing over 60 minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, phytohormones, and beneficial microbes, Ascophyllum nodosumseaweed is a natural resource providing benefits far surpassing the use of traditional fertilizers alone.

​Seaweed Extract As a Growth Stimulant

These overarching benefits arise from the plethora of ingredients found in seaweed and seaweed extracts.

Nutrients are chelated in the soil for increased availability and plant uptake, and are less prone to leaching. Natural plant defenses against stressors such as heat, drought, and pathogen infections are strengthened. Plants are better equipped to defend themselves from stress. Root systems develop more extensively, improving nutrient and water acquisition. Organic compounds needed within the plant - amino acids, phytohormones, vitamins - are exogenously supplied, so the plant can direct its energy towards growth instead of biosynthesis.​Soil structure is improved for better water holding capacity and aeration.

All of this together results in a reduced need for agrochemical use, but also correspondingly boosts crop yields.​​ Both the plant and soil health is improved with less use of fertilizers and pesticides that can negatively impact the environment.​​

Supercharge your growing program and reduce your chemical use with our premium liquid seaweed extract!