Why BioXtreme?

Quality You Can Trust.

Founded on more than three decades of seaweed experience, BioXtreme ensures quality customers can trust.​ Real-life experience means we know seaweed and have refined manufacturing techniques to produce the best product.

​Backed with cultural history and science, we offer a biological plant superfood known to work.

What Makes BioXtreme Different?

BioXtreme combines centuries of agricultural tradition with state-of-the-art personal experience and scientific research. ​

​As a family-owned, American company, we are dedicated to offering the very best products to our customers.​Centered around this mission, we develop high-quality, safe, sustainable growing solutions yielding the best results. 

Our research team has spent years extensively studying European coastal agricultural traditions and validating the effects of seaweed extracts in our labs.

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to bringing customers the best products, yielding the best possible results.​

When using BioXtreme​ Liquid Seaweed, you are assured of the following 6 Benefits:

• High-Quality, Efficacious Products​

• Unsurpassed Bioactivity

• Demonstratable Results

• Environmental Safety and Sustainability

• Ease and Convenience

• Gainful Economic Value